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Anna Croxen - Artist based in Hertfordshire

My passion for glass started many years ago when I was given a taster session at a local studio as a gift.  I went on to complete a part time course at the University of Hertfordshire and then further developed my skills by having lessons at a number of studios.  I then set up my own home studio and bought my first kiln in 2018.  

I have always been fascinated by glass and love how it reflects the light. You can achieve amazing patterns and shapes.  Half the beauty is what happens in the kiln and how you fire the glass.  Most of my inspiration is from the natural world around me and from observing form and patterns found within nature. I enjoy creating depth within my work. 

Within my pieces, I use a variety of glass sheets, powders and frits, together with metal inclusions, enamel paints and murrine cane (which is handmade in a specialist kiln).  My art often involves multiple firings and a range of techniques, which means some pieces can take days to complete. I'm always experimenting and trying new ideas so my work is continually evolving.  

I enjoy a challenge and take commissions.  I like creating special pieces for gifts or for clients homes.  You can view my previous work on the Gallery tab or on my Instagram or Facebook pages. Please visit the How to Purchase page and Events for more details.  

Happy browsing,

Anna x 

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